Project Polar Bear


Project Polar Bear is an international teen challenge sponsored by
Polar Bears International. Project Polar Bear is a chance for small groups of teens to make a difference for polar bears by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and slowing the warming of the Arctic.

The grand prize winners for 2012 were the Ice, Ice Savers  from South Allegheny Middle School in McKeesport. This team was tireless in their efforts to motivate their community to use less and recycle more to reduce their carbon footprint.  They raised money to create custom reusable water bottles with the slogan "One Small Change: Polar Bears Saved," and gave them to all school district personnel plus every student in Grades 2-6.  They also hosted a Polar Bear Night for students, families, and community members with activities and educational outreach that focused on polar bear conservation and climate change. In addition, they hosted monthly projects to reduce waste and educate others, including collecting and recycling plastic bags, soda tabs, and plastic water bottles.  Next on this team's agenda:  raising funds to purchase recycling bins for their school and handing out reusable shopping bags at their local grocery store.

Remember, every change no matter how small, can make a difference!