There is always a need for help to support the care, feeding, training and management of our animals here at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium and at our International Conservation Center in Somerset County. If you would like to help with any of the following wish list items, any level of support is worthwhile and very much appreciated. By supporting these needs, you really can make a difference in the lives of our animals.  

Rhino Mother and BabyCheetahs
Cheetah Breeding Area at the ICC: $30,000

Black Rhinos
New Zoo Breeding Barn for the growing family:  $250,000
Rhino Stall at the ICC Cow/Calf Barn now under construction:  $25,000

4 All-Terrain Vehicles at the ICC & Elephant Exhibit:  $40,000 
We would be happy with one to start, especially for use within the Zoo. The cost is about $10,000 and would help the elephant care team with moving hay, manure, and many other uses.

Aquarium & Marine Life
Three-year coral conservation initiative:  $16,500
Elephant ICC

Animal Care Center
Jolly Balls & Plastic Enrichment Balls for Quarantine Animals:  $300  
Little Tykes Plastic Playground for young animals in quarantine:  $400
Gym mats for animal recovery post—anesthesia:  $1,000
Thermography:  $10,000
Special caging for holding room, used for quarantined/hospitalized animals:  $10,000-$15,000
Flexible Endoscopy:  $90,000
Browse Freezer:  $3,000
Many of our animals require browse as part of their diet. Browse is plant material fed to the animals as part of their diet or as a supplement. One of the challenges we face in winter is how to supply fresh browse to the animals that need it. A browse freezer would solve that problem.

LionLions & Leopards
Lion Chute:  $10,000
A lion chute is used for transferring the animals from their indoor holding area to their outside enclosure, something that is done on a daily basis. Because of the delicate nature of this transport, both for the handler and the animal, a lion chute would increase both the safety and the ease of transfer while reducing stress on both human and animal.

Staff Development
Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program:  $10,000

For more information about these special projects and needs, please contact the Development Department at 412-365-2540 or donate@pittsburghzoo.org. Thank you.