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Into the Deep: Underwater Video of Nautiluses and their Deep Sea Friends

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

What goes bump in the night, when it's always night? Using waterproof video cameras and lights, explore the diverse animals that live 1500 feet below sea level.

One animal, the nautilus, is one of the oldest animals on this planet but is being heavily over-fished. The underwater cameras allow us to count how many nautiluses are still left in the ocean. The cameras also record the many different animals that live with nautiluses like large sharks, glowing jellyfish, strange crabs, and even octopuses. The videos support conservation of nautiluses and their friends so they are around for centuries to come.

Join Gregory Jeff Barord, PhD student at City University of New York, Graduate Center and Brooklyn College in the Water's Edge Meeting Room of the Zoo. Free presentation with admission.

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