Jungle Odyssey


The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium’s newest neighborhood, Jungle Odyssey, brings guests face-to-face with some of the earth’s most endangered creatures.

To truly replicate the experience of the Jungle, visitors will be surrounded by the sights and sounds found of the wild. Lush green trees will cast shadows along the walkway and the sounds of a cascading waterfall will permeate throughout the area. Two species that are very enthusiastic about water, the capybara and pygmy hippo, will enjoy water features within their exhibits, allowing guests to see how both land and sea are vital parts of their ecosystem.

Looking up is required when visiting the ocelots and fossas as these agile mammals love to climb. Guests will be amazed to see these athletic animals climb, jump, and swing with a graceful ease. The immersive habitats provide the perfect playground for these small, nimble animals while offering stunning viewing opportunities for visitors.

Take a sneak peek inside an anteater’s natural habitat. A large, realistic feeding mound from which these quirky creatures can eat is front and center. Tubes inserted inside the mound will contain food and visitors can see how the anteater utilizes his or her two-foot tongue to reach in and remove food.

As if the animal excitement is not enough, animals of the human variety can soar above the jungle on a thrilling zip line, or take it easy on larger-than-life butterfly benches. Visit Jungle Odyssey for an exciting adventure through the planet’s dense forest environments.