Other Groups 15+

The rate below is to be used for family gatherings, nursing homes, private groups, etc. Any of these non-school groups should use the group sales reservation form.

To qualify for a discounted group rate, you must have 15 or more paying individuals (ages 2 and over) in your group and register and make payment or payment arrangements at least two weeks in advance. Group rates are not available at the admission gates.

In order to receive a discounted group rate, tickets must be purchased at least two weeks in advance. The discounts are:
Children & Adults (ages 2 & older) - $12*
Children under 2 years of age - free

Enhance your groups visit with picnic packages (includes admission, food, and facility), boxed lunch options (does not include admission, or facility), a pavilion rental, or a tram rental.

Additional discounts for groups of 100 or more are available. Please contact the Group Sales department for more information.

For school groups, day cares, youth groups, or camps, please visit the field trips section of our website for more information about your educational visit.

There are two payment options available:
1. Credit Card to Hold
If you are unsure of the exact number of attendees you will have, or you are having trouble meeting the two-week deadline, you may take advantage of our "credit card to hold" option. After providing our office with credit card information, wristbands will be mailed. The card will not be charged, and you will be able to return unused wristbands to the Group Sales & Rentals Department located on the second floor of the Education Complex. If visiting on a weekend or holiday when the office is closed, you can hold on to the extra wristbands and contact the Group Sales & Rentals Department on the next business day. It is best to overestimate the number of wristbands you think you will need, as extra bands can be returned without penalty. Once your order has been processed, you cannot order additional admissions. Any person without a wristband will not be permitted to enter through the Group Gate, and will have to pay the general admission rate.*

2. Check
If paying by check, your check must be received by the due date (2 weeks before your trip date). Refunds will not be issued for absent people. Zoo wristbands will be good until the December 31 of your order year.

Please note, if payment or payment arrangements are made less than two weeks prior to the trip, a fee of $30 will be added to your order for expedited/overnight shipping of your admission wristbands. This policy is non-negotiable.

Parking is free for both cars and buses.

*Prices are subject to change.