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Mexican Beaded Lizard

The Mexican beaded lizard (Heloderma horridum) is a species of venomous lizard. Beaded lizards are venomous, but unlike snakes the venom is not injected into its prey but allowed to seep into a bite wound.

Size: Beaded Lizards are 13-18 inches in length and weigh five to six pounds.

Life Span: Beaded lizards have a life span of longer than 30 years.

Color: The stripes and spots, white to yellow in color, on its black bumpy skin give this lizard a beaded appearance and its name.

Continent: North America, Central America

Range: Beaded Lizards can be found in the Southwestern United States, Northern and Southwestern Mexico and Northern Guatemala.

Habitat: Their habitat is primarily tropical deciduous forest and thorn scrub forest.

Food: In the wild, Beaded Lizards eat rodents, birds and eggs of other reptiles.

Reproduction: The beaded lizard becomes sexually mature at six to eight years of age and mates between September and October. The female lays her clutch of 10 to 15 eggs between October and December and incurs an incubation period of six months.

Fun Facts: The beaded lizard has a forked black tongue which it uses to smell, with the help of a Jacobson's organ; it sticks its tongue out to gather scents and touches it to the opening of the organ when the tongue is retracted.