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Silvery-cheeked Hornbill

The silvery-cheeked hornbill (Bycanistes brevis) is a bird characterized by its "horn" or beak, which is hollow and lightweight. Its edges are serrated so that the bird can tightly grasp its food.

Size: The silvery-cheeked hornbill can grow up to two and a half feet long and weigh two and three quarter pounds.

Life Span: About 50 years

Color: The head is silvery-gray and the rest of the body is black.

Range: Central Africa

Habitat: Forests

Food: Silvery-cheeked hornbills eat by plucking a piece of fruit and tipping its head back to swallow it whole. They will eat berries, figs, palm nuts, as well as a variety of insects.

Reproduction: The female stays inside a sealed nest for the duration of the incubation period which is four months. The male hornbill will pass food through the nest to feed the female. After four months, the female will escape and leave the young inside.

Fun Facts: The hornbill is one of the few birds that have eyelashes to shield them from sun and dust.