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Spotted Spiny Lobster


The spotted spiny lobster (Panulirus guttatus) is also known as the Guinea chick lobster.

Size: 5-8 inches long

Life Span: Approximately 15 years

Color: Brownish with cream colored spots that extend onto the legs.

Continent: North America, Central America

Range: The spotted spiny lobster can be found on the Central Atlantic coasts from south Florida to Suriname, throughout the Caribbean Sea, in the Bahamas and Bermuda.

Habitat: The spotted spiny lobster lives primarily in reefs and occasionally inhabits lagoonal patch reefs.

Food: Spotted spiny lobsters dig in the sand at night to find oysters, clams, and other invertebrates, but will expand their diet based on available foods.

Reproduction: Females spawn at least once a year during the summer months.

Fun Facts: Lobsters in cooler waters are generally larger in size than those in warmer waters.