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Blind Cavefish

The blind cavefish (astyanax mexicanus), also known as the Mexican tetra, lives in deep, dark caves in the warm waters of Central America. Blind  cavefish are born with eyes, but as they get older, skin grows over them and their vision degenerates.

Size: Blind cavefish grow to about 3.5 inches long. Some grow as long as 4.5 inches.

Life Span: The typical lifespan is between 5 to 10 years.

Color: They have no pigment, resulting in a pinkish-white color.

Range: Blind cavefish are found primarily in Central America.

Habitat: True to its name, this fish lives in warm, dark caves in freshwater rivers, lakes, and pools.

Food: Blind cavefish are scavengers that eat almost anything, including animal and plant remains swept into caves. They are prey for larger fish.

Fun Fact: Though they don’t have eyesight, blind cavefish can detect light using their pineal gland. They instinctively swim away from light, preferring the darkness and shadow in which they have lived for hundreds of thousands of years.