Dama Gazelle

[Gazella dama]


Quick Facts

Size: 3 to 4 feet tall

Lifespan: The Gazelle average lifespan is 10 to 12 years

Color: The Dama Gazelle is characterized by their white back end, variably brown color of rump, and slightly curved (lyre) horns

Range: A few isolated areas in Chat, Mali, and Niger

Habitat: This gazelle is found in the desert, grasslands, savanna, and sub-desert steppes.

 Dama gazelles may stand on their hind legs to eat from acacia trees and other plants as high as six feet from the ground.

The dama gazelle is the largest species of gazelle.

Dama gazelles are diurnal and, though they can survive long periods of draught, need more water than other desert creatures.

Dama gazelles are grazers, feeding primarily on herbs, shrubs, and coarse desert grasses

The mating season for this species is typically between March and June. After a gestation period of 198 days, a single baby is born. Within a few days, the infant is strong enough to follow the mother. After only a week, it is able to run as fast as the adults.

Location in the Zoo: African Savanna