Conservation: What You Can Do - Travel and Vacation

Travel and Vacation

Living a greener life doesn’t stop when you leave the house. Whether you’re going around the block or around the world, you can travel smart.

Getting Around Town:

  • Make your next auto purchase an energy-efficient natural gas vehicle, electric hybrid, or other alternative fuel vehicle.
  • Encourage your local public transit authorities to convert their fleets to cleaner fuels. Replacing one diesel transit bus or other heavy duty vehicle with a natural gas vehicle has the same emissions benefit as taking 325 cars off the road.
  • Take public transportation or carpool whenever possible.
  • If you’re not going far, try walking or biking.
  • See if your job will let you telecommute, even if it’s just one day per week
  • Make your next auto purchase an energy-efficient electric hybrid, alternative fuel, or fuel cell vehicle.
  • Fly in airplanes as little as possible.
  • Keep your car tuned up and in top performing shape for maximum efficiency:
  1. Keep tires properly inflated
  2. Be regular about changing the oil and oil filter – recycle your used oil
  3. Replace a clogged air filter
  4. Drive the speed limit and avoid unnecessary acceleration
  5. Empty your trunk and backseat – lighter cars get better mileage


  • Don’t travel as far.
  • Look for hotels that have environmentally-friendly policies.
  • Use the same hotel towel for several days rather than replacing your towel every day.
  • Take the train—it has lower carbon emissions per traveler than any other form of mass transit.
  • Buy locally-made souvenirs.
  • Turn your heating and cooling at home down, or off if posible, while you’re gone.

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