June 4, 2019

Clouded Leopard Cubs Now Accepting Visitors


Daily Schedule:
Rukai and Kansas can be viewed inside the clouded leopard playroom daily at The IslandsThe pair venture outside into the clouded leopard yard approximately at 2 p.m. daily – weather dependent.

Our two month old clouded leopards Rukai and Kansas are ready to greet visitors. The young pair can be seen daily through large viewing windows into the clouded leopard playroom at The Islands. In the afternoon around 2 p.m., if the weather permits, the two cubs venture outdoors into the clouded leopard yard. They currently spend about an hour’s time outside as they are still learning to navigate the outdoor exhibit.

Like most young siblings, Rukai and Kansas are always watching each other and will do whatever the other is doing. They love to pounce and wrestle each other. They are both curious and like to sit by the window looking back at the visitors looking in.

They really enjoy their time outside. “We weren’t sure what their reaction would be the first time we put them in the outside yard, but they loved it,” says Mark McDonough, primary clouded leopard keeper. “It is a completely new area filled with new sights, sounds, and smells.”

In the outside yard, Rukai and Kansas sneak through the grass before they suddenly pounce on long blades of grass and take it down. They also try to hide in the grass waiting for the other to come by before jumping up and swatting each other. Inside, they practice their climbing moves on the keepers’ legs, but outside Kansas loves to climb the large tree branches as keepers hover nearby. Rukai tries to follow, but she’s a bit more cautious and prefers being closer to the ground.

Keepers are pleased with the progress the cubs are making. They are both eating well and gaining weight. They alternate between bottles and meat.

Be sure to stop by and visit.