October 31, 2019

Casper the Penguin Turns 29

Happy birthday, Casper!

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium celebrated the 29th birthday of our Macaroni penguin Casper on Wednesday, October 31.

To help Casper celebrate her birthday, penguin keeper Jess Ries created a three-tier cake made from frozen ice and decorated with Casper’s favorite foods including herring and krill. The cake was topped with a “2” and “9” also made from krill.

Even though she is the second oldest Macaroni penguin at the PPG Aquarium, Casper still keeps up with the other younger penguins. Keepers always have an extra eye out for her to ensure that she is eating and moving around easily, but they say that she is getting along just swimmingly.

Next time you’re at the Zoo, swing by the PPG Aquarium to wish Casper a happy belated birthday!

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