June 26, 2020

Our Five New Cheetah Cubs Need Names!



Voting has ended.

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium has welcomed five new female cheetah cubs and their mother, Naya, from the Metro Richmond Zoo! Zola and Rey, the Zoo’s previous pair of female cheetahs, have moved to a new home where they will have families of their own.

The cubs were born on October 20. Mom and babies are doing well, and are currently adjusting to their new home in Pittsburgh.

Naming contest
We need your help to name these new cubs! See below to vote for your favorite theme of names including:

  • Pittsburgh Pride (examples: Liberty, Bloom, North, East, Hazel, Brook, Schenley)
  • Girl Power (examples: Athena, Pandora, Joan, Cleo, Frida, Amelia)
  • Africa (examples: Bisa “Greatly Loved”, Kali “Rosebud”, Malika “Queen”, Shani “Wonderful”, Taj “Crown”)

In honor of National Kitten Day, voting will end on Friday, July 10 at 5 p.m. EST. Once a theme is selected by the public, our animal care specialists will choose names within that theme. The names will be announced the week of July 13.

Cubs on exhibit
The new family can currently be viewed by visitors at the Cheetah Exhibit! Please note: The window shade may be down to allow the new family to get adjusted to their new home.


You can also see the cheetahs any time on our Cheetah Web Cam provided by Richard King Mellon Foundation.

Bring your family to meet our family! See you at the Zoo.

The fastest cat on earth is quickly heading toward extinction due to habitat loss, poaching, and conflicts between cheetahs and farmers.

To help resolve the cheetah and farmer conflicts, the Pittsburgh Zoo has aligned with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), Cheetah Conservation Botswana (CCB), and Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) through the PPG Sustainability Fund Program. All three organizations have instituted successful programs raising Anatolian shepherd and Kangal dogs to guard livestock from cheetahs, simultaneously protecting cheetahs and the livelihood of the farmers. When the dogs sense or smell a cheetah nearby, they begin barking and circling the herd. This has proven to be incredibly successful, as cheetahs typically quickly retreat from a noisy dog.

The Pittsburgh Zoo is the proud sponsor of numerous dogs as part of this program, recently adding another seven with CCB.