November 25, 2019

New Adventures for Leela and Merlin

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is working with Cape May County Park and Zoo to move our two siamangs, Merlin and Leela, to a new home.

This partnership between the two organizations will help support continued breeding of siamangs, currently listed as an endangered species due to habitat loss.

Once Merlin and Leela are relocated to their new home, the Zoo will make some improvements to the island’s pools, including a recirculating pump for water conservation and to increase the flow of water over the waterfalls in the exhibit. The exhibit will be closed until work is complete. The Zoo anticipates being able to introduce new animals to the exhibit in the spring.

Zoos like the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium and Cape May County Park and Zoo are pivotal in helping to strengthen the visitor-animal connection that leads to support of conservation efforts for endangered animals like siamangs.

The entire Pittsburgh Zoo team wishes Merlin and Leela well on their new adventure!