January 10, 2020

Spot Our Clouded Leopard Cubs!

Two month old cubs now on exhibit


(Pittsburgh) (January 2020)—Visitors can now spot our two-month-old male clouded leopard cubs in their indoor playroom at The Islands.

The pair was born in November and spent some time at the Animal Care Center after mom Saya was not able to nurse them. They recently moved to their permanent home at The Islands.

The cubs are healthy, growing, and acting just like cubs. They are curious and love to explore their playroom. Like typical brothers, they wrestle and pounce on each other before curling up together for an afternoon nap. Even though their mobility is still developing, that doesn’t stop them from trying to climb on the branches scattered across the floor. Clouded leopards are excellent climbers.

Keepers bottle-feed the cubs a vitamin and nutrient-enriched formula to help them grow.

Soon the keepers will introduce meat into their diet and the number of bottle feedings will decrease.

The cubs will remain inside through the winter and once the weather warms, they will be introduced to their outside yard.

Stop by The Islands to see the new cubs!