June 8, 2020

Zoo Announces New Lion Pride!


Contact: Brittany Balandis | Director of Marketing | bbalandis@pittsburghzoo.org

(Pittsburgh) (June 8, 2020)—The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is roaring with excitement over our three new African lions!
The young pride consists of a two-year-old male and a pair of two-year-old females. The young lions are currently spending time behind-the-scenes in the Animal Care Center as they adjust to their new environment and become acquainted with the animal care specialists.

“We are so excited to introduce these three new African lions to our visitors,” stated Dr. Barbara Baker, President & CEO, “With the arrival of this new pride comes the opportunity to have cubs in the future, which will help to sustain the managed lion population in the U.S. and continue to help conserve this vulnerable species.”

Of course, more lions means more room for roaming!

“Our existing lion exhibit was originally designed for adult lions,” stated Dr. Barbara Baker. “But with the possibility of future cubs, we needed to renovate the current exhibit.”

But we need your help to do that.

With the Zoo’s closure from March 15 through June 4, we need support to renovate the lion exhibit for the pride.

To donate to the new lion exhibit, please click here.

Thank you for your support!

This new pride of African lions are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild. Once numbering in the millions, there are now only 10,000 African lions remaining. The population has declined over 43% in the last 21 years. 

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium is American Humane Conservation-certified, member of American Humane and the Zoological Association of America. For more information, visit zaa.org.