Giant Armadillo Conservation Program

The Giant Armadillo is a rare, highly endangered species. Unfortunately, very little information is currently known about their species.

In an effort to collect and share information about this critical species, the Giant Armadillo Conservation Project (GACP) based in Brazil has been successfully working to conduct groundbreaking research and raise conservation awareness. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has expanded to the heavily impacted Cerrado biome, a biodiversity hotspot recently targeted by the government for the creation of protected areas.

Thanks to the Giant Armadillo Conservation Project’s outreach and communication efforts, giant armadillos were selected as an indicator species for mapping priority areas for habitat conservation.

Moving forward, the organization will continue to collect long term data in Brazil and will focus on conserving armadillos as well as their habitat by providing state authorities with a detailed distribution map of the last remaining populations of giant armadillos.

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium will continue to support communication, education, and capacity building efforts as the research and protective efforts continue.