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What are the penguins doing?

The penguins spend time both on land and in the water. Their torpedo-shaped bodies and strong sturdy wings make them agile swimmers. When they nap, they often like to turn and face the rockwall while doing so. Penguins are animated and social. You will often see them enthusiastically interacting with each other. If you see two penguins making a bowing motion towards each other, they are most likely mates and greeting each other. You may also spot some special enrichment items that keepers have given them, such as a bubble machine, treats in ice, or holiday items for them to explore.

If you see a penguin being taken off exhibit or you do not see any penguins, there are a few possible reasons:

Types of Penguins

We have two species of penguins here at the Zoo, gentoo penguins and macaroni penguins.

Macaroni Penguins: These penguins are one of the largest species of crested penguins. They have a characteristic golden tuft of feathers on the top of their heads. These feathers inspired their name when 18th century English explorers first discovered them in Antarctica. The gaudy feathers reminded them of the macaroni fashion that was popular at the time, which included flamboyant clothing, hairstyles, and plumed hats.

Gentoo Penguins: Gentoo penguins are slightly larger than the macaroni penguins and they do not have any yellow feathers. They also have the “tuxedo” black and white coloration along with red-orange beaks, as well as white-feather caps on either side of their heads.

Find the Penguins

1. Select the control button. This button will give you control of the camera for one full minute.

2. Select the “eye” button in the top right corner.

3. Choose from the list of camera locations.

4. Still don’t see any? Here are some reasons why.