Penguins on Parade

Saturdays & Sundays, December – February, conditions permitting


  • Too soon to tell for this weekend’s parades.

Penguins on Parade is dependent on many conditions and may be canceled for the safety of our resident birds. Please check back regularly to see if Penguins on Parade will be available on your weekend of interest.

Waddling back into weather-permitting weekends this winter, enjoy our Pittsburgh Zoo penguins taking a walk outside the Aquarium. Fun for everyone!

The penguins will start their parade at the upper entrance of the Aquarium at 11:30 a.m. sharp and typically spend about 20 minutes exploring outside. Guests will line the pathway along the Aquarium and the penguins will parade past. This event is popular, parade viewing is not guaranteed. Please plan to be at the Aquarium well before 11:30 a.m. to get a good spot along the parade route!

The Penguins on Parade viewing experience is included free with admission for all guests.



Our Grand Marshal Experience is sold out for the season. Guests can still enjoy Penguins on Parade as listed above!

Help lead our feathered friends on an exciting journey through the Zoo to meet new friends! This exclusive experience lets you get up-close and personal with some of our best-dressed birds. As a Parade Marshal, you help our Aquarists guide our penguins through a parade route of eager spectators, learn about their unique “birdonalities” and go behind the scenes to see where they live! The experience is $65 per person and does not include Zoo admission.


Sponsored by:
Peoples Natural Gas

Saturdays and Sundays beginning December 2

Temperature must be below 45°F and non-hazardous.

11:30 a.m.

Event length may vary or be canceled due to environmental conditions.

Outside of the Aquarium

Included in Zoo Admission


Upgrade to the Grand Marshal experience here!

Free for Members


What factors determine if Penguins on Parade will happen?

Our indoor penguin habitat is kept at ideal temperatures between 37-45 degrees Fahrenheit. To host an outdoor parade, temperatures should be of similar range: below 45 degrees F and generally feel above 25 degrees F. Cloud cover, wind chill, and precipitation can affect the feel of the air and influence the decision to host the parade. Conditions must not be hazardous to penguins or humans. When temperatures are unsteady, we will monitor the weather until close to the event and do our best to offer a penguin parade when possible. If an outdoor parade cannot take place, penguins will remain visible in their habitat inside the Aquarium.


How do the penguins interact with guests during the parade?

Guests will line up outside of the aquarium and the penguins will walk up and down the pathway past guests. Penguins participate in the event by choice, so they may feel curious to investigate near guests, they may stay back near the aquarium, or they may choose to remain in their indoor habitat and not participate in the event. With animal welfare in mind, penguin participation in the event is not required, though Penguins on Parade is a great enrichment activity and offers a fun opportunity for people and penguins alike.

Though penguin behaviors vary, they tend to parade down to the bottom of the Aquarium and back. Guests at any point along the pathway are not guaranteed to see the penguin parade. Be sure to arrive early to get a good spot!

Safety Notes

If penguins approach you during the parade, enjoy watching them up close, but please do not touch the penguins.

If conditions are slippery, note that the pathway will not be salted for the safety of penguin feet. Please watch your step.

Costumes, especially penguin costumes, are not permitted for the well being of our birds.

For safety reasons, all participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. If no adult is present, participants under the age of 16 will not be able to participate in the program. Adults must also purchase a ticket, or the sale will be refunded in full