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Moving Fur-ward: An Update on Our Feline Families

Hear the latest on our new African lion pride, new cheetah family, and our Canadian lynx!


We join Dr. Ginger Sturgeon, our head veterinarian at the Zoo, and her amazing all-female team on a day of animal ultrasounds, lion cub rechecks, and a goat teeth cleaning.


Regis, an Animal Care Specialist at the Zoo, shares what it’s like to work with our new cheetah family. This episode is sponsored by Dunkin’

Slimy Salamanders Could Be Hiding In Your Backyard

Hellbenders: what are they? We discuss these slimy but cute amphibians with our aquarist, Shanna Gay, and we learn about Heather, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium’s very own hellbender.

It’s Cuttle, Not Cuddle

If they aren’t for cuddling, and they aren’t fish, then what are cuttlefish? Justine Curley intrigues us with all things cuttlefish, from how they can change colors in the blink of an eye, to how they hunt their food with their tentacles.

You’re a Horti- What?

Emmett Bender explains to us what a Horticulturist is, what they do, and why it’s important to have them in a zoo!

While most people come to the zoo to see the animals, the green leafy things throughout the park are also important. They greatly affect the animals’ lives and the experience of the visitor.

Sugar Rush in Kids Kingdom

Have you ‘herd’ the news? The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium has a new herd of alpacas! Robin Chambers, one of our keepers in Kids Kingdom, talks to us about the stylish hairdos, personalities, and candy inspired names of the alpacas.

Cloudy with a Chance of Cats

The birth of our new clouded leopard cub is a significant milestone in the worldwide effort to save this vulnerable species. Karen Vacco, our Assistant Mammal Curator, discusses what what it’s like to raise a cub, the challenges faced when breeding clouded leopards, and our hopes for this incredible species.

Talking to the Animals

Keepers have close bonds with the animals they work with. Kesha Phares, one of our keepers in Kids Kingdom, gives us insight into the creative techniques she uses to build those relationships and enrich the lives of the animals she works with every day.

A Rescue Success

Marine Mammal Keeper, Megan Paluh, discusses Coolio and Ellie May, two rescued northern elephant seals. They are the only northern elephant seals currently on exhibit in North America. Learn about their rescue and how they found their home here at the Pittsburgh Zoo!