June 15, 2022


Three two-year-old lions have relocated to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo


The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium’s three African lion cubs have been successfully relocated to their new residence at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. The cubs, named Daniel, Chadwick, and Regina, were born in July 2020 and, having reached maturity at two years old, have been relocated to enjoy additional space and prepare for future breeding opportunities.

Three adult lions remain in residence at the Pittsburgh Zoo: Kit, Abana, and Scarlett, the cubs’ parents and aunt, respectively.

“As sad as it can be to see an animal leave our Zoo, it is what’s best for the cubs and the species as a whole,” said Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium President & CEO Dr. Jeremy Goodman. “Hopefully, someday in the future, they can each have lion cubs of their own and continue to increase the lion population.” 

African lions are listed as a vulnerable species, with less than 25,000 remaining, largely due to habitat loss and poaching. The Pittsburgh Zoo works with multiple facilities and wildlife organizations around the world to ensure the survival of the species.