Pride In Our People: HENRY


Our digital series, Pride In Our People, features the incredible staff at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium through written first-person narratives and/or podcast interviews.
Today, we are featuring Henry, CURATOR OF KIDS KINGDOM AND REPTILES.

Henry grew up in Lawrenceville and frequently visited the Zoo as a boy. In his 43-year Zoo career, there are few jobs he has not held. He started as an animal keeper, became assistant curator, and then curator. His easygoing style and extensive knowledge made him the perfect choice to lead tours and instruct classes for the Zoo’s Conservation/Education department.

Henry has worked with a wide range of species, from rattlesnakes to red pandas. He and his trademark hat are known both locally and nationally from his appearances on TV and radio, including the major networks and Animal Planet.

Henry will retire from full-time employment at the beginning of September. Lucky for the Zoo, he will continue to share his wisdom and enthusiasm part-time. HATS OFF TO HENRY!

This is his story…

When I introduce myself as Curator of Kids Kingdom and Reptiles, people often ask, “What’s a Curator?” Well, it means that I oversee the staff that cares for the animals in our area. Curators are responsible for putting together a collection, whether it is art, historical displays, or animals at a zoo.

Not only do we make decisions about which animals to bring to the Zoo, we are responsible for making sure they are housed and cared for properly. When bringing new animals to the zoo like red pandas, koalas, or sea lions, it is my responsibility to make sure staff is trained to work with them if we have not had previous experience. This may necessitate connecting with another zoo and arranging for staff training there to gain knowledge through their experience.

Another facet of the job is participating in national conservation initiatives that help save Endangered and Threatened species. As a member of the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium Team, the conservation of animals and their habitat is at the forefront of everything we do.

My favorite thing about my job is working with the animals and sharing the wonders of the animal kingdom with the public.


Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the Zoo, Henry!

Pride In Our People

 Our new series, Pride In Our People, features the incredible staff here at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium.