What are Flex Tickets?

Flex tickets are premium single-use, flat-rate $32 tickets that are good for general daytime admission on one Zoo operating day. The tickets may be used any one day for up to 12 months after the purchase date. They may be used for all ages 24 months and up; children under 24 months of age do not require admission tickets.


When can I use a flex ticket? When does it expire?

Flex tickets can be used any one operating day of the year from time date of purchase through or on the expiration date. They expire a year after purchase, on the first of the month in which the tickets were purchased. For example, a ticket purchased on September 22, 2023 will expire on September 1, 2024. The expiration date will be listed on the ticket.


Can I use my flex tickets to come to a Zoo program?

Generally no, flex tickets only provide general daytime admission to the Zoo. In many cases, daytime Zoo programs like education programs require special event tickets.  Some community events, however (such as ZooBoo), are included with admission. You can click individual programs to see their admission and pricing structure here (https://www.pittsburghzoo.org/event-category-events/)


Why are Flex tickets expensive?

Flex tickets can appear expensive in the off-season when plan-ahead prices can be as low as $16. However, in summer months, plan-ahead tickets can range up to $26. A flex ticket can be used on any day for an entire calendar year, including peak season days. The ticket also includes a small premium charge for the flexibility of using the ticket any day of the year.


What is the difference between a Flex Ticket and a Membership?

A flex ticket is good for admission to the Zoo on a single day. Many guests look to purchase these tickets when they do not know what day they want to visit the Zoo, if their schedule is subject to change, or if they do not want to attend if the weather is less-than-ideal.  Guests also often like to provide friends, family, or coworkers with flex tickets.

Zoo Members can visit the Zoo multiple times during the year, and also receive additional perks. Depending on how many tickets you are purchasing or if you will visit the Zoo more than once in a year, a Zoo Membership might only come at a small price increase or even a savings over flex ticket purchases. Memberships can also make great gifts.


Are there any discounts or offers available for flex tickets?

No, flex tickets are premium $32 flat rate tickets, no discounts are available for this ticket type. If you know what day you want to visit the Zoo, you can save by purchasing a plan-ahead ticket , or you may like to look into other offers.