Zoo Policies

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is dedicated to providing safe, fun, and unique educational encounters with wildlife. Please observe the following policies for the health and safety of your group, our animals and staff members, and all our visitors. Also please note our Modified Operations for temporary changes to these policies related to COVID-19 or other events.

Visitor Safety

Visitors are to stay on public pathways only. Barriers between you and the animals such as rails, moats, rocks, and fencing are there for the safety and protection of both you and the animals. Please do not lift children over rails or barriers, allow them to play on rocks, rest them on railings, or stick fingers or arms through fences. Do not enter non-public areas and stay on the main pathway and in visitor areas at all times. Violators will be prosecuted.

Severe Weather, Emergencies & entry

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is a rain-or-shine facility. Rain checks and refunds will not be granted. In the event of severe weather, visitors may be refused entry into the park, or if already in the park, visitors may be asked to relocate to indoor facilities.

Due to changing conditions including health, safety, operational, or weather concerns, certain animals may be unavailable for viewing, and areas of the park may close unexpectedly. Visitors must comply with staff requests in the event of an emergency situation.

Visitors may leave the park and return on the same day. Any visitor wishing to do so must have their original receipt to be granted re-entry. Re-entry will only be granted on the same day of purchase as the original admission.

Review our full ticketing, refund, and reschedule policy here.

Code of Conduct

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium respects the wildlife we care for, the communities we serve, and our team. The Zoo prohibits behavior that is intentionally disruptive to any fellow visitor, volunteer, vendor, member or staff, or wildlife. Such behavior can include, but is not limited to, harassment, intimidation, and/or discrimination of any kind, including physical, verbal, or non-verbal abuse. Violation of this policy can result in removal from the premises without refund, and/or permanent ban from the grounds.  

Animal Health and Safety

Balloons, straws, orbies, and glitter are very dangerous to animals and are not permitted inside the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium for any reason. Please do not feed the animals. All of our animals’ diets are closely monitored by our vet and keeper staff.

First Aid and Lost Party Members

Visitors are encouraged to find and notify the nearest Zoo personnel of any situations requiring first aid attention or separated members of a party.

Companion Policy

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium will provide a complimentary ticket with any paid daytime general admission to a caregiver visiting with a disabled individual in order to provide assistance during their visit.  

  • The disabled individual or caregiver must present sufficient documentation demonstrating necessity for the caregiver’s presence in the form of a letter from their physician and/or appropriate licensing information from the caregiver documenting that they are necessary to accompany the disabled individual in the Zoo. 
  • The disabled individual must have a paid ticket or Membership.  
  • Please note that safety regulations may prevent certain individuals from specific rides, tours, experiences, or attractions. 

To acquire your Companion ticket to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, please visit Admission Window 2 and present the required documentation. 

Lost and Found

If you or a member of your group lost something during your visit, please complete our lost and found form here. 

Pets & Service Animals

Pets are not permitted on Zoo grounds, in the parking lot, or in cars. For more information on off-site babysitting for your pet, contact The Dog Stop at thedogstop.net or call 412-361-0911.

Guests with disabilities who use service animals as determined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Pennsylvania Human Relations Act are welcome at the Zoo. Guests using service animals will be greeted by our ADA trained staff at the entrance gate, where you will be provided with information to plan your visit through our facility. Review our full Service Animal policy here.

Outside Food & Drink

Visitors cannot bring glass containers, anything that needs to be cooked, grills of any kind, or any alcohol into the park during normal business hours. We do not offer storage lockers or places to store coolers/picnic lunches. Visitors can bring in “bagged lunch-style” food or leave food or belongings in their vehicles (at their own risk) and return to the car to get them throughout the day. If the visitor chooses to do this, a receipt is required for reentry to the Zoo.

There are also picnic areas within the park and, as long as they are not reserved for the day (noted with a sign), visitors are welcome to utilize these areas for eating outside food or consumables purchased in the park. Anything left in a picnic area unattended is at the visitor’s own risk and is not recommended.


Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited on Zoo grounds.

Dress Code

For the health, safety, and comfort of all guests, shirts, and footwear must be worn at all times. Provocative, revealing, or offensive clothing is prohibited. Disguises, costumes, or articles of clothing that conceal a visitor’s identity are prohibited.

Nursing & Baby Changing

Nursing is a natural process and mothers are welcome to nurse in all areas within the park. Baby changing stations are available in all men’s and women’s restrooms throughout the park.

Personal Wheeled Devices

Heelys, skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, scooters, hoverboards, and roller skates are not permitted on Zoo grounds. Unauthorized motorized vehicles, other than wheelchairs or electric scooters for the disabled, are not permitted on the Zoo paths. Please remain on the pathway throughout your visit. All strollers, wagons, and wheelchairs must use the elevator located next to the escalator when entering the park.


Zoo employees frequently take photos/videos of our grounds for promotional use. Your visit constitutes implied consent to be photographed/recorded and to have that media published on the Zoo’s website, social media, promotional materials, and/or in publications. An attempt will be made to alert guests who may be notably featured. On days when the Zoo is hosting third-party professional media shoots, notice will be posted at the entrance gates.

For more information regarding professional film and production photography policies, please download our Zoo Policy for Professional Film and Production.

Tobacco Use

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is a tobacco-free Zoo. The Zoo does not permit smoking, chewing, or any other use of tobacco products on Zoo property.

Please note that these policies exist to provide a safe, healthy, and enjoyable experience for all Zoo visitors. The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who does not comply with these policies. Additionally, a breach of any of these policies may result in removal from the park without refunded admission.

Please contact Visitor Services at 412-665-3640 with any questions.