What is Plan-Ahead Pricing?

Plan-Ahead Pricing is a dynamic pricing structure that allows you to choose a daytime visit that meets your schedule and budget. When you buy tickets online in advance of your visit, you can save big – sometimes up to $10 per ticket. The earlier you buy, the more you save!


How far in advance do I need to purchase a ticket?

General Daytime Admission: You can always purchase daytime admission tickets on the day of your visit, either online or at gates.

Tickets will be at their highest prices on the same day of your visit. Ticket prices online start low and will usually begin raising within about two weeks of your visit date, though they may adjust at any time. To save with Plan-Ahead Pricing, we recommend purchasing your ticket online at least a few days in advance.


Why do the prices change daily?

Plan-Ahead Prices are adjusted once at the start of every day and are based on a number of factors, including current and historical Zoo attendance, popular events, holidays, expected park availability, and weather. The prices are developed through a collaboration between Zoo staff and expert researchers. Lower-priced days will generally see lower crowds, or there may be fewer offerings on that date. Higher-priced days are generally more popular, and they may also offer a fuller Zoo experience. As these factors change daily, so do our prices.


How do I find the best price?

Our Daytime Admission ticket page will display the lowest currently available rates for all tickets. Once you determine how many tickets you would like to buy, move through the calendar to find listed prices on available dates. You can select any available date that meets your schedule and budget.


Is there a chance a listed ticket price for a specific date will go down?

No. The current listed prices are the best rates for that date. They will not decrease, but they may increase up to $32 for Adults, so the sooner you purchase, the more you will save.


Do I have to visit on my selected date? What if something happens and I can’t make it?

Yes, in order to save with Plan-Ahead Pricing, you must select the specific date you want to visit the Zoo. Your ticket purchase is subject to the Zoo’s ticket policies. Tickets are non-refundable. However, if you would like to check availability on ticket rescheduling up to 48 hours in advance of your visit date, please call 412-665-3640, ext. 0 or email Ticket reschedules, if available, are subject to $5 per ticket change fees.


Does Plan-Ahead Pricing apply to Memberships or other Zoo programs?

Plan-Ahead pricing only applies to Daytime General Admission.  Prices for educational programs, events, and Memberships are all standard.


Are there any other discounts or offers available?

While Plan-Ahead Pricing offers the best rates on individual daytime visits at the Zoo, groups larger than 15, schools, members of the military, low-income households, and others may be eligible for discounts and offers.


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