Grant’s Zebra

[Equus burchelli]


Quick Facts

Size: These zebras are about 4 feet tall at the shoulder and they weigh between 485 and 700 pounds. Particularly tall Grant’s Zebras are 56 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 800 pounds.

Lifespan: These animals, like their domestic cousins, typically live between 15 and 25 years.

Color: They have a white or buff base with black or dark brown stripes. Their hair is short and coarse, and the stripes run all over the body and all the way down to the hooves. Their manes are stiff and upright kind of like a Mohawk.

Range: They are widespread throughout eastern and southern Africa. They are found in southern Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Habitat: Grant’s Zebras are one of six subspecies of plains zebras, which means they like to live in open grasslands and savannas. Some also live in woodlands.

In the wild, zebras have a sentry system. While most of the herd sleeps, a few members stay awake to stand guard.

Zebras’ teeth grow their entire lives. If they didn’t, they would wear down right away because they chew so much.

The zebras like to live in open grasslands so they can eat the tall, coarse grass found there. Grass makes up most of their diet, although they sometimes also eat shrubs, herbs, twigs, leaves, and bark.

One male and up to six females makes up a herd. They reach sexual maturity at age two to three. Mares give birth to one foal at a time. Foals weigh between 65 and 75 pounds and can stand 15 minutes after they are born. After only a few hours, newborns can run with the herd.

Zebras do not live in permanent herds. Instead, they comingle with several hundred families.

Location in the Zoo: African Savanna