Can you spot the cheetahs?

Our Zoo has five female cheetah cubs. Can you spot them on the Cheetah Cam?

Cheetahs have spots to help break up their outline and offset the shadows of tall grasses. This allows them to blend in with their surroundings while hiding from other large predators or while hunting. If you do not see the cheetahs right away, they may be laying in the bushes or in the tall grass. It can be difficult to spot them in the foliage. Keep looking though, sometimes a hint of movement will give them away!

If they are not outdoors, there are a few possible reasons:

Find the Cheetahs

1. Select the control button. This button will give you control of the camera for one full minute.

2. Select the “eye” button in the top right corner.

3. Choose from the list of camera locations.

4. Spot the cheetah! Still don’t see any? Here are some reasons why.